Small Business, Big Heart!

Be-YOU-ty & Bliss is passionate about self love and self expression! 

We are a small home- based business operating out of Lloydminster, Alberta, bringing you a little bit of everything amazing!  Whether you want to express your own unique style, or that of your fur-baby, we've got you covered!!
The Owner/ Maker of all of the things is a local hairstylist, yoga and Zumba instructor and maker of smiles (and of course - custom accessories for you and your babies - fur and human)

What started through my own journey of self love, self expression and healing - and exploring the many forms of creation and artistic expression that truly bring me joy, quickly turned into something I was passionate about sharing with my friends and family, and on to customers like you!  I truly hope that you love our products - and using them in daily life as much as I do!

High Quality - ethically and locally sourced materials, high quality work driven by love and passion and of course, exceptional service!

Looking for some fun and suuuper cute pet accessories?
I’m your gal!
Looking for a stunning way to wear your Apple watch without sacrificing style?
I’m your gal!
Looking to explore the amazing healing benefits of wearing gemstones?
Yep!  We Do that too!
Looking for the seasons hottest trends in hair accessories?
I got you!
Looking to try a new Hairstylist, Yoga, or Zumba instructor?
Look no further!