Heatless Curling Set

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Say hello to heatless curls!  The healthy way to curl your hair. This heatless curling ribbon is designed to produce large bouncing curls- the effortless beach wave you love, while you sleep!

This method of curling your hair keeps your hair shiny and strong, without the frizz and breakage you get with heated curlers and irons.  Soft enough to sleep in, you can comfortably wear it overnight and wake up glam AND because there’s no heat, it won’t damage hair extensions.

Five minutes to fabulous hair?!?  SIGN ME UP!

Whats in the bag:
~Satin hair curling ribbon

~2 mini scrunchies

~Hair claw

Best used on dry hair.  Simply spritz you r locks with a leave in conditioner or water and wrap hair around the ribbon, allow to set and voila!  Effortless style!

Hand wash, lay flat to air dry.