Yoga In The Park! Thursday August 3

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Be•YOU•ty & Bliss Presents:

Summer Yoga In The Park!

 Though yoga classes at 

the gym may have been cancelled for the summer, that wont keep us from practicing!!

If your around this summer and want to keep your Thursday night yoga routine going, or if you want to start a new fitness routine while enjoying some fresh air, join us for an outdoor yoga class!!  

This is a stretch and restore yoga class open for all fitness abilities!  My goal is to make you all feel welcome and supported in a judgement free space - whatever your fitness level or experience this class is for you!
All you have to do is show up, tune in and try your best!  I look forward to sharing my practice with you all!!


When: Thursday August 3 (Weather Permitting)

Time: 7:00-8:00PM

Where: St.Joseph elementary school

5706 27 street

We will meet 

near the tree line at the back of the field at 6:45PM, there is lots of parking along the street!

Cost: I am asking for the usual class rate of $10, Though my goal is to keep these classes accessible to all, So I will be hosting these summer classes at a "pay what you can" rate!  You are welcome to join and pay what you can at class!
 Self care is important and I hope you can make it!

Tips for Class:

~Dress in comfortable clothing and layer up, we won’t be generating as much heat internally as we do with other fitness classes, so wear layers to keep your body warm and pliable!  You can always throw a sweater off if you end up not needing it. I also suggest a small blanket or blanket scarf to keep you cozy in savasana at end of class 
~If you have a mat, great! If not I do have a couple extras that I bring to class- or you can simply practice on the grass!  I prefer a mat for grip and added stability - and we are bare foot in our yoga practice so do what you are comfortable with!  I also suggest bringing a water bottle and a small towel to wipe your brow if needed and to give your mat a quick wipe after class!  I also suggest a light bug spray if you think the bugs might mess with your flow!
~Aim to arrive 15 minutes early to get signed in, and settled, class starts at 7 so allow yourself time to get comfortable on your mat and settle into a silent space of relaxation.  Yoga is a dedicated quiet place so you can tune into your body, listen to the cues and meditate. That said, when class begins, please switch your phone off and leave texting and conversations until after class. 
 ~Don’t eat large meal immediately before class. There is a LOT of movement in yoga. Bending, extending and twisting can be uncomfortable with a full stomach. Same goes for water. Small sips before and throughout class, but wait to chug water after class.  Kinda like swimming, try to eat an hour before class or have a small snack if you need the energy!
~Keep an open mind!  There will likely be a few things that are completely new to you in your first yoga class! Trust me, it took me a quite few classes to really allow myself to fully let go and embrace a new experience of relaxation, meditation and stillness. We are raised in a society of ‘go,go,go’ so it definitely takes time to appreciate being still and silent.
~Remember- it’s a yoga practice, not yoga perfect! Come to class with no expectation of where you should be or what yoga should look like and just listen to your body.  Yoga should never be painful so let go of any ego and stay within your limits.  All yoga asks is that you try your best. At any point you can take a break in Childs pose or lie down in savasana.


Payment can be made here, or bring a cash contribution to class :)
**If you currently have a punch pass, they will not be valid for this class
Email lkempton.bolli@ gmail for any questions, or Join my Facebook group ZUMBA AND YOGA WITH LISA for updates!