Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard / Ear Saver

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NEVER lose track of your mask again!

Comfortably and safely secure and protect your face mask throughout your day with a stylish mask lanyard!

These mask lanyards are ideal for anyone who has to wear a mask all day long at work and school or even just running errands. They will help keep your mask off dirty surfaces and safely at arms reach where you need it.

-Clean & Environmentally Friendly: This Lanyard can save you from touching your mask too much and helps to keep your mask clean.
-No more stuffing your face mask in your purse or pocket and then fumbling with it to get it on and no more misplacing your mask!
-Easy to use: Clip the small hooks to the elastic bands on your mask. Like a glasses retainer, just slip it over your head and wear like a necklace. Will work with your existing ear saver or headband.
-Can also be used as an ear saver to relieve pressure on your ears. Rest your ears and breathe easy!

-Lanyards size is approximately 24” long.
-Adjustable Stopper to Adjust Length
-Adjustable Size: One size fits all. Perfect for Perfect for men, women, teens, kids, all ages.
-Strong and Durable Swivel Clasp
-Soft and Durable Elastic Rope
-Available in white or black and can be made with or without pearls

*Face mask NOT included*

Product care: Gently wash by hand with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid getting metal clasps wet. Lay flat to dry. Please discontinue use of product if showing signs of wear or damage.

Lanyards are NOT meant to be placed in the mouth. Lanyards contain small parts that could be a CHOCKING HAZARD. Please inspect lanyard before every use and discontinue use if there are any signs of wear or damage. Children are NEVER to be left unsupervised while using this product. Never to be used while sleeping.
Mask lanyards are for ages 4 years and over.

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