Adjustable Ear Saver Clip/Strap for Face Mask, Face Mask Adjuster, Extender, pain relief strap, Tightener, Mask Accessories

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Helps save your ears from getting sore!  Masks fit  more comfortably with this extension.  Also provides a "Hands free" option as the mask can be worn around the neck when wearing your mask is not needed.
(Extenders work best when you tie a knot or use an elastic to create a loop at each end of your mask. This way, the mask does not slide off when putting on or taking off your mask.) 
Fits any mask style!

Made of high quality soft and durable material to ensure the best fit.

Easy to clean and sanitize before and after each use. 

Suitable for adults and children.

Size: 16.8x1.6 cm/6.61x0.63 inch 

Pictured Mask is not included.

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